curriculum vitae - jan castermans

Mentors, Gets Things Done, Teamleads and Develops IT Business Solutions using an OO approach; Finds creative solutions for severe problems, thinks outside the box and encourages others to do the same; Eats, drinks and dreams Scrum and all things Agile; Fluent writer, inadvertently became a well-known photographer, likes to talk, is married and the dad of four lovely children.

breestraat 9
3500 hasselt(be)
+32 475 759404

InApps - Scrum Master/IT Lead (June 2017 - …)

Fleetmanagement, track and trace software.

InApps is the Belgian team that controls and writes the software for the products of the Dutch Rietveld group. For this project, I brought a couple of existing products up to advanced levels by converting them to micro-services, introduced the Scrum methodology and forced a more DevOps way of working.

keywords: docker, java, big data and IoT

UgenTec - IT Technical Lead (Apr 2015 - May 2017)

Software for automated PCR analysis.

The development team was small, the software was promising, and the challenges were immense. Only the sky was the limit.
This period gave many opportunities for how to set up a team. I started adopting an agile way of working, using tools to make sure people could focus on their job. I also created the fundamentals of how to make a pleasant work environment, how to behave as a team, but in the meantime how to be compliant and to act as a real “company” without losing touch with the real world.

UgenTec won most promising KMO Unizo Limburg 2016, most disruptive innovator 2016 for Deloitte and various other awards.

keywords: agile, startup, .NET, Azure and healthcare

PearlChain - Senior IT Architect/TeamLeader (Mar 2005 - Mar 2015)

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that truly combines planning and execution in real time

I started working for PearlChain in 2005, the company founded by Rudy Hageman, my past employer. The name “PearlChain” came from a project I did for Real Software in the automotive industry.
During this period I worked on various projects (mainly for big manufacturing plants), I co-created the ERP solution they still use and guided many teams through their development cycle.

keywords: java, .net, scrum, spring, hibernate

Real Software - Senior Architect/TeamLeader (Jan 2003 - Mar 2005)

Real Software was a Belgian stock market listed Software Company (became Realdolmen)

In that period the Java team of Real Software was only a handful of people. My tasks were various: I helped Belgacom through a Transition to new IT Technology for their Internet Competence Centre, I was team leader of a project for NedCar(NL) in the automotive industry, and I took part in a think tank for Real Software themselves because they - during that period - went through some difficult times.

keywords: java, j2ee, WebSphere, transition

Beta Nine - Co-owner/Architect (Nov 1998 - Dec 2002)

Beta Nine is company delivering advanced software development and consultancy 

I became co-owner of a startup, doing various projects in high-tech environments. In 1998, we were one of the first “mainly java” development companies in Belgium. We also adopted extreme programming in early 2000. A vibrant period where we worked for SmartMove Technology (Acunia), De Nationale Confederatie Bouw, VTM, Apple Computer Belgium, …

keywords: telematics, java, extreme programming, startup

Cimad Consultants - Software Engineering Expert (Sep 1997 - Sep 1998)

Cimad Consultants was a software company led by Rob Heyvaert, mainly active in financial markets. The company became IBM in that period, and Heyvaert started Capco.

This was the second time I worked for Cimad. They hired me to take part in a team of experts to get projects that were running aground back on track.
I mainly worked on one project: Belfox Trading System, Brussels - Belgian Futures and Options Exchange, where we wrote the software driving the trading system.

keywords: cplusplus, experts, teamwork

IBM professional services South Africa - Senior IT consultant (May 1997 - Sep 1997)

A short, but exciting period where I was working in Cape Town, SA for IBM. I helped Southern Life, Cape Town in a Transition towards Cplusplus development.

keywords: cplusplus, consultant, international

FICS - Software Systems Engineer (Nov 1995 - Apr 1997)

FICS was a company led by Michel Akkermans, providing software solutions for the banking sector. The company became S1 Corporation, and Akkermans started Clear2Pay

One of the flagships of FICS was their product Abacus that provided regulatory reporting software for central banks, software created in a joint-venture with Cimad Consultants. FICS at that point bought the total control of Abacus and hired me as well.

keywords: cplusplus, domain-specific languages, banking

Cimad Consultants - Designer/TeamLeader (Sep 1993 - Oct 1995)

This was my first job. Because I had studied both IT and economics/management, this was a clear choice. My job was developing and team-leading for Abacus that provided regulatory reporting software for central banks.

keywords: cplusplus, domain-specific languages, banking


Other/interesting facts

In 2005 I started my own company (Razzi bvba) with my wife, where we deliver services in IT, photography, (copy)writing and translations.
In 2008 I became the first ‘official’ photographer for Muziekodroom. I was published in most Belgian magazines and newspapers, and I created several music album sleeves. I published a couple of books (the latest are ‘Ciao Limburg’, where I took all the pictures and ‘Limburg 1995–2015: 95 tendensen en 15 toekomstvisies’ where I was one of the 3 photographers). I did 6 expositions of my own, and 2 with others.
In the early nineties, I wrote articles for the magazine Gonzo Circus. As a student, I worked for the European Community and the Ancienne Belgique.
For my pleasure I like working with wood, baking bread, running and cycling, but that list is endless.
Between all this, I like to spend quality time with my family. I hardly ever watch tv.
This document is written in markdown, using Ulysses on a Mac, in ordinary life I never write ‘cplusplus’ but use c++